About the program

When George Makris became the new Chairman and CEO of Simmons First National Corporation, he knew where he wanted to take Simmons Bank— to the top of the regional banking world. He quickly led the acquisition of three regional banks, Metropolitan Bank, Delta Bank and Liberty Bank. A total of 266 locations that would quickly need new branding.

Chandler’s deep banking experience made us an easy choice to work the program. Working closely with Simmons, Chandler developed a look and feel for the Simmons new presentation to the world and then we re-imaged their giant bank tower in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The result was an on-time, on-budget conversion.  Our partnership continues as Chandler is currently working on their First State Bank acquisition.


Program highlights

  • •Fast-track 266 location conversion
  • •Multi-state program
  • •High-rise tower rebrand in Little Rock

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