About the project

Cinemark's Runway at Playa Vista was launched in the heart of West Los Angeles burgeoning technology and entertainment district. The legendary parcel of land that once gave rise to the Howard Hughes' aerospace empire, is now a large-scale mixed use center that offers unique shopping, dining, entertainment, and living space.

The cinema multiplex showcases large, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling screens, enhanced systems with multiple audio format capabilities and state-of-the-art digital projection inside each auditorium. 

Chandler was asked to develop a unique display design to compliment this showcase project, one that reflected the technology, state of the art and runway theme that complimented the multiplex as a whole. A key area of focus was designing an RGB tower that paid artistic homage to the area’s rich past and more specifically the famous WW-II aircraft the H-4 Hercules (The Spruce Goose) which was originally built on the cinemas site. Because of the historical tie-in, the tower is now considered a neighborhood icon.


Project highlights

  • •Historically aware project
  • •Color changing RGB tower
  • •100% Chandler designed project

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